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Curve 5kw

Ottawa Curve 5kw 

 This advanced wood burning stove is suitable for a 12mm heath, ther was no expense spared in the development of this product and the stove has recently been rated at 85% efficient. The air controls are tucked under the bottom ash lip which allowed the glass size to be increased for a maximum view.


Clean burn system 


The ecosy has an advanced secondary/tertiary clean burn system. On more advanced units like this one,it is common to have the air fed in from the rear and split off to be fed under the fire, over the fire (secondary burn) and over the glass to help keep it clean (airwash system). The secondary burn feature is a a real advantage as this re-burns the initial gasses and smoke produced from the fire. This means you are getting every drop of heat from your fuel.


5 year guarantee 

(this covers the stove body and not the internal perishable parts like grates and fire bricks)

5.00 KW
555.00 mm
387.00 mm
335.00 mm