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Ottawa 7-8 kw

Ottawa 7-8


The Ottawa 7-8 has a quality finish and high efficiency output. This high efficiency is achieved by a modern secondary/tertiary burn system that forces air over the fire to re-ignite the initial smoke produced by the fire. The stove has a hybrid construction that consists of a fully welded 5mm thick steel body and 10mm thick steel top and the door is made from mineral cast iron 


Clean burn system 


The Ottawa 7-8kw has an advanced secondary clean burn system that is controlled by a chrome lever on the base of the stove. This lever opens and closes a vent that pulls air over the fire, re-burning the initial smoke emitted by the stove.This makes the stove a lot more efficient and eco-friendly, saving you a large amount in fuel costs 


5 year Guarantee   (this covers the stove body and not the internal perishable parts like grates and fire bricks )

0.00 KW
510.00 mm
473.00 mm
340.00 mm