Flue and Chimney Specialist Unit 2 Westcombe Trading Estate Station Road, Ilminster, TA19 9DW

Laredo corner

  • Big capacity oven in stainless steel, 2mm thick 
  • Removable oven for an easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Double wall construction for convective hot air circulation and oven heating
  • Outstanding combustion values: 80% efficiency, and 0,09% co emissions 
  • Primary and secondary air controls. Responsive, gradual air control handle 
  • Glass remains clean thanks to the airwash system
  • 2 grill positions in firebox and oven. Grills are removable to ease the cleaning process
  • Removable ash pan 
12.00 KW
1000.00 mm
1030.00 mm
837.00 mm